0% APR for 75 Months

Wallace Kia of Bristol has announced 0% APR for up to 75 months on 2015 Kia Optima or 2015 Kia Sorento. This is the biggest incentive in our history for 3 reasons (1) A consumer typically will 0% APR for short terms, i.e. 36 months, with large payments, not 75 months; (2) This offer is on 2015 models! It is not left over 2014 models where few remain and have already been picked over; (3) 0% APR is on the Kia Sorento & the Kia Optima---two of the most popular vehicles in their respective segment in the U.S. Kia does not have to do this to sell cars...it's a gift to our great customers that have made the brand what it is today! 

So, what does 0% APR for 75 months mean to me? Compared to a 3.9% APR for 75 months on a $25,000 purchase price it will save you more than $3,500! If you have been waiting for a great deal, it is here until November 30, 2014. I can't get any better than 0%!
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